Higher quality trusses for your build

Trusses from Timber Wolf provide a number of benefits for your build project, whether you are working on a residential, commercial or agricultural construction. 

Our trusses allow for architectural versatility and provide simple solutions for almost any type of design. They provide a strong and efficient structure specifically engineered for each job. Our trusses are constructed to a higher standard and inspected through the design and construction phases to eliminate any errors. 

We provide precision as well as speed when it comes to delivering our trusses. We deliver right to your job site, on time. Our trusses are easy to install, saving you time for other tasks.


With residential construction there is most often other projects to move onto so you require trusses that are delivered promptly and are easy to install. Timber Wolf provides trusses for residential projects including medium-sized single and multi-family homes.

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Commercial buildings often require trusses that not only are customized but also come in a variety of different styles for their often complex roof systems. Commercial projects also take a higher percentage of the ground snow load than residential or farm applications so they require trusses that can support those requirements.

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Timber Wolf’s trusses can be used for livestock facilities, cold storage builds, hay sheds and any other farm structures. Agriculture buildings are deemed as “low human occupancy” buildings.

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